Generosity for Every Season

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by Paul Jeffrey/ CWS

One Great Hour of Sharing

Season of Lent  

Join this long-standing, ecumenical effort to alleviate the effects of poverty, injustice, and disaster.

32% | rebuilding hope (Presbyterian disaster assistance)
Working alongside communities as they recover and find hope after natural or human-caused disasters. 

36% | growing food security (Presbyterian hunger program)
Supporting initiatives that create sustainable food systems and alleviate root causes of poverty so all may be fed.

32% | partnering in progress (self-development of people)
Providing resources and education to oppressed and disadvantaged communities working to overcome poverty and injustice through initiatives they own and directly benefit from.


Season of Pentecost
Connect with ministries that address the needs of at-risk children and encourage, grow, and support the church’s greatest resource—our young people.

40% | supporting youth in your own church
Retain this portion of the Offering to invest in local and church programs focused on developing youth and serving at-risk children in your community.

25% | serving communities
(young adult volunteers)
Bringing young adults together in fellowship, worship, and service by volunteering in communities around the world.

25% | guiding youth (youth ministries)
Supporting ministries that inspire and guide youth as they grow and walk with Christ.

10% | advocating for children-at-risk
Providing advocacy that protects and education that nurtures our children and youth.

Peace & Global Witness

Season of Peace
Unite with congregations and presbyteries in sharing the Peace of Christ and promoting reconciliation and peacemaking within cultures of violence and conflict—including our own.

25% | responding to conflict in your community
Retain this portion of the Offering to invest in local responses to violence and injustice, and to connect with the global witness of Christ’s peace.

25% | connecting mid councils for peace work
Linking congregations in ministries of peace and reconciliation throughout presbyteries and synods.

50% | advocating for Christ’s peace & justice
Calling for peace and justice in cultures of violence, including our own, through collaborative initiatives of education and Christian witness.

Christmas Joy

Season of Advent
Join in assisting our past and present church workers in their time of need, and providing for the education and leadership development of our church’s future racial ethnic leaders.

50% | providing opportunities for future leaders
(racial ethnic leadership development)
Providing assistance for students to attend Presbyterian–related racial ethnic schools and colleges to pursue their professional and leadership goals.

50% | giving back to those who give their all
(assistance program of the board of pensions)
Offering financial assistance for current and retired Presbyterian church workers in their time of need.

Presbyterian Giving Catalog

The Giving Catalog includes over 40 gifts that you can donate—like families of chickens, garden wells, and refugee food baskets. These items showcase how gifts to Special Offerings translate into real and positive impact around the world.

Gifts are priced to make it possible for anyone to give. Larger items are perfect for group contributions.

The catalog’s visual experience makes it a great way to teach kids about alternative giving and the impact their gifts can make.


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