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Here we are 9 days in.

I had to go to the doctor this morning and they want new paperwork every year. I’m sure you already know what I did…How many times have you written 2018 so far while you’re putting a date on something?

Which poses a whole other question: How many checks do you write anymore anyway?


Some meme was going around with a couple dinosaurs carving the wrong pre-historic era into a slate. No, this is not my forte. But still, I Googled to learn that the Paleolithic Period was when stone tools were developed, some 40,000 years ago—long, long, after the dinosaurs. I’ll leave you to Google how to label the dinosaur eras. I have no clue.

I had a nice vacation! It’s good to get away and recharge. Spend some time with the family. We got the whole band back together during Christmas, dogs and everything. We just like to hang out. Board games. You know, it’s nice.

It’s nice except when we’re doing a 1000-piece puzzle. It never fails. The dogs get to a dropped puzzle piece or two. Always. I guess if we had cats, they’d be hopping up on the table and scooping the whole thing off onto the floor. Either way, I’m not sure you can have one without the other.  

Did you make any resolutions?

Somebody posted a meme snapshot of a packed parking lot—caption:
“The gym this week.”

Less screen time?  (now there’s an auto-app to monitor that on iPhone).

Dry January?

More alone time?

I’m getting back to stricter no-carb/low-carb eating to lose the 10 I gained back since Thanksgiving. It’s not that hard for me to do the diet, but all that holiday Chex mix is hard to pass up. Christmas cookies. You know, it’s a mess. And it’s no resolution—I know better than that. But I am gonna do better at it.

Gonna shake the Etch A Sketch (very old-school reference) and do better.

That’s it. There’s my one, and only resolution.

Do better.

Gonna keep following Jesus and do better.
If it were easy, I guess everybody’d be doing it. What do you think? Can we try?

Go ahead, Google Etch A Sketch. You won’t offend me. I already know I’m old.

Grace, Peace, and Happy New Year!

ps. Confession: after all that, I saved this document as Jan 9, 2018. Augh!


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