A Single Flow

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     If you read my blogs or follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at all, it doesn’t take very long to figure out what I’m about. My relationship with God, the soul of my spirituality, comes out of the little things. I think God speaks to us all the time if we were only paying attention! The context of our real lives informs, acts, and reacts to God who—to my way of thinking—is always at work.
     Always in all ways.
     No matter what.
     So, this is my last blog of the year because I’m going to drop out after Christmas for a couple weeks. Vacation. Extended Sabbath. I’m back on January 9.

     I’m totally gonna unplug from social media. Not even email.
     No news.
     No computer.
     Like back in the day.
     No nothing.
     Well, maybe not exactly.

     I’m gonna binge-watch some TV shows, read a couple books, take a nap every day, and play with my toys. Meditate. Contemplate. Pray. Sit.

     I’m gonna sit and let my senses be filled.
     I’m gonna just sit with God.
     What down time? I’ll be plenty busy with it. I’m sure.
     I’m driving to Nashville and back over a couple days. Windshield time is always good time. It’s always therapeutic.

     Between now and then, besides Christmas, there’s one thing hanging out there I’d like to ask you to settle before you close out the year. I’ve already done this. It’s off my plate. And I’ll never ask you to do something that I’m not willing to do or haven’t already done myself. This between you and God.

     If you haven’t turned in your pledge card, what are you waiting for?

     Our vision: To see lives transformed, families strengthened, and our community renewed through intentional relationship with Jesus Christ.
     Your church literally counts on a healthy mix of your time, talent, and resources to build a platform that changes lives through the ministries of Jesus Christ. It all comes from God through us, each of us, to pull it off. All of it.
     It’s as much a part of our spiritual disciplines and discipleship as prayer or worship or sitting and listening for God. Just as important. You and me too, together not as separate streams, but as countless currents in a single flow.

All things come from you, O God,
and to you we return.
All things emerge in your great river of life
and into you we vanish again.
At the beginning of this day
we wake
not as separate streams
but as countless currents in a single flow
the flow of this day’s dawning
the flow of this day’s delight
the flow of this day’s sorrows
your flow, O God,
in the twistings and turnings of this new day.*

     God is always at work with us, always in all ways, as countless currents in a single flow.
     No matter what.

     Grace & Peace,

*from Praying with the Earth: A Prayerbook for Peace.—J. Philip Newell


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