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So much energy going on in Madison right now! It feels like the whole place is just exploding. It’s to do with the weather certainly, but I would put the blame squarely on the Holy Spirit. It’s just what I do.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was one of those spectacular New Jersey spring days! Warm and beautiful blue sky with perfect cotton balls of clouds at random. Pretty perfect.

It reminded me of the first time I saw Madison. We landed at Newark, rented the car, and drove straight to Madison. Becky and I had a late lunch on the sidewalk on an especially warm and picturesque day for March.

We were taken! The Holy Spirit in action. Madison was exploding with activity and people up and down Main Street enjoying the day. You know what Madison looks and feels like on days like that, on days like yesterday. Maybe it was the first one of the year in 2016. We had no way of knowing, but I’m certain the Holy Spirit wasn’t just showing up—

The Holy Spirit was showing off.

All this is going on in Madison right now. This week. In our church, and out in the Borough. The place is on fire with the Holy Spirit!

On top of the great weather going on this week, INTO:Yellow is an annual, week-long series of arts, educational and social events that support and celebrate local community mental health resources in honor of National Mental Health Month (May). All events are programmed with the shared intention to shine a light on the stigma of mental health and inspire community connection through collaboration and creativity.

I add the emphasis to the words because I stole that whole description from the Madison INTO:Yellow website. If you dig in, you’ll discover our church is an event site for a series of activities supporting the larger event. Check it out! The Holy Spirit is lighting the place on fire.

The Holy Spirit is showing off!

Check out the big yellow flowers on the Borough lawn. A number of them (at least 12) were painted by our youth a couple weeks ago here in our church. You can see pictures on our Facebook page. You can also see them on the screen in the Sanctuary lobby any Sunday morning.

I hope you can feel the activity. I pray you can feel it. Guess who?

Yep—Come Holy Spirit, come!

Just sayin’…

Grace & Peace,


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