Amazing Goo

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     My handwriting. Ick!
     It’s horrible.

     Not that I ever was any good at penmanship anyway, but do kids these days even learn how to write in cursive anymore? Since my kids are grown, I’m a little out of the loop on elementary education. Do they still even hand write assignments anymore, or has keyboarding changed the model?
     I keep a journal of my prayers every day. I almost never miss a day and it’s a part of my morning quiet time. The Daily Lectionary is part of my routine, Oswald Chambers, and then a variety of ever-changing devotionals, blogs, etc. But there’s always a prayer journal entry at the end. Always? Well, I miss one here and there, but it’s unusual. I write by hand in a Moleskine almost every day.
     I don’t write in cursive anymore because I print everything in all caps. Now, I realize that when you’re using a keyboard, “ALL CAPS” IS LIKE SCREAMING. But in handwriting, it’s not so off-putting.
     Even my all caps printing is hard to read because my handwriting is so sloppy. Well, these are my prayers anyway, so God probably doesn’t have any problem with the handwriting. I gotta think God likes it that way.
     This morning, I actually pay attention and I notice my sloppy writing. It’s terrible! Today’s prayer starts out with what looks to me like “AMAZING GOO…”

     And I’m kinda snickering.
     Imagine my cartoon thought bubble:
      “Goo? Goo, you know what I mean, right?”


     You know what I mean.
     You know who you are.
     And you know that I know that, too.
     So, anyway you’re still amazing.
     I’m sure you get a huge kick out of a goofball like me anyway. It must be entertaining. Made in your image, eh? If this is really your image for me, I can only imagine how funny you think you are.

     Reminds me of the old saying, “We make plans and God laughs.”
     You know me.
     I know you.
     Something tells me that God has quite a bit more to laugh about than we know.

     Amazing Goo.

     Whatever your name is…

     Grace & Peace,


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