And I See Scarlet…

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…and Brody, and Julia, and Josh. Oh! There’s Effie, and Peter, and Elizabeth. Michael, and Shade, and Matthew.

Did they have “Romper Room” here back in the day?

It was a daytime TV show that ran in the mornings and afternoons, a precursor to Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, or Barney. The show targeted children and Miss Peggy was the host on our local version of it in Tulsa. There were cartoons, if I remember right, and sketches and children’s stories and songs.

At the end of the show, Miss Peggy always held up her magic mirror to say she had a vision of the good little boys and girls. She said she could see us! And then she would call out a bunch of names just like that. And I was glued to the TV every time. Locked in. I was straining to hear my name. But I never did.

Most churches have a mission statement, but PCM has a vision:

To see lives transformed, families strengthened, and our community renewed through intentional relationship with Jesus Christ.

So how do we live into it?

Last Sunday was Rally Day and we did church for around 20 minutes or so, then we split out into small groups. The task was to imagine our church in a year’s time. Next year at Rally Day 2018 if we’re living into our vision, if we’re successful, what does that look like?

What are people seeing, saying, and doing differently on Rally Day 2018?

And to answer those questions, we imagined our church through the eyes of our key stakeholders: Children and Youth, Adults, Families, Staff, and the Madison community.

You did some amazing work! We’ve got a whole database of answers with some tangible, actionable, put-it-to-work-now kinds of things to connect us with each other, the community, and with Jesus Christ! Come and watch what happens. It’s so on!

This Sunday come and see how it rolls out for the Children and Youth. We’ve got a brand-new director of Family Ministries, Patrick Allred. Completely re-furbished Sunday school spaces. Refurnished. Bright and new. And a whole new Sunday school curriculum to roll out for our children. Come and see!

We’ve got a clear vision for our children.
We’re all in.
And we know all their names.

Grace and peace,


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