And The Hits Just Keep On Coming...

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…sounds like an old Top-40 radio station, right?

 It’s only my sarcasm.

 It’s Wednesday and it’s another week of natural disaster, death, and destruction. By sunset yesterday, the casualties and damage from the earthquake in central Mexico start adding up to serious numbers. And as we’re waking up this morning, Hurricane Maria (number 4!) is pummeling Puerto Rico.

Interesting factoid—Hurricane Jose and its wake may actually keep Maria from making landfall on mainland USA. It’s like they just keep lining up and here we go again! But, that’s no guarantee. The tracking predictions are a best guess. Remember a HUGE number of people in Florida fled to the western Gulf Coast to get out of Irma’s way.

You never know.

So, once again I’m preaching how to best help. Send money. Send money now. Unless we’re responding to a specific request from a specific agency, please don’t send stuff. Disaster responders remind us every time that the “second disaster” is the well-meaning truckloads of useless clothes or pallets of bottled water that go to waste in landfills or add to the rising amount of discarded plastic.

Relief organizations like Presbyterian Disaster Assistance put boots and resources on the ground in disaster channeling the right resources to the right people, right now! Your money goes directly to it! Give now by clicking here to give to PDA, or text “PDA” to 20222 to give $10.

Meanwhile here at home, our own very personal relief effort happens this Sunday, Sept. 24—Scott-A-Palooza number 3!

Even if you don’t plan to run or walk, come connect. Get a dog and refreshments at the food truck and hang out with us! Cheer on the PCM team “Hot to Trot for Scott!” Music, food, and fun—can’t beat it for a couple hours on Sunday afternoon. The 5k Run and 1k Family Fun Run and Walk starts at 1pm (reg table opens at 11:30) at the College of St. Elizabeth.

It’s not too late to register, and it’s not too late to give. 100% of race fees goes back to the Flemings! Hospice is now involved as Scott’s ALS progresses yet he’s been able to live at home with his family for over year directly due to our work on these races.

Download the flyer to share.

Click here to sign up and donate.

We’re Hot to Trot for Scott so let’s finish big!

See you Sunday!

Grace & Peace,


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