Another Spring Break

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Wow, it’s quiet.
Very quiet.

And that’s totally cool with me.

After a week of being stoned on oxycodone as I recover from the reverse shoulder replacement, it feels great to be back in the office for a few hours each day. It feels great to be clear-headed again, all day every day.

And thank you again for all the calls, cards, texts, PMs on Facebook, emails, and especially thank you for your prayers!

The thing is sore, but it’s easier than the rotator cuff was! Not easy, you understand, but easier just like my doctor promised. So, I’m soldiering on and if you’re back from wherever you are this week, I’ll be back in church Sunday. (Yes, it was really weird to be home, and not away, and not in church last Sunday. Really weird.)

So, I read Richard Rohr most days and these past couple weeks, the focus has been on the physicality of our spirituality. Most often mainline church people tend to shy away from the “flesh.” Like, we get too hung up on “the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” from Jesus’ short little soliloquy from the Garden of Gethsemane in Matthew 26.

You remember the scene. Jesus has gone to the garden to pray knowing that time is growing short. Judas has gone to summon the authorities, the soldiers are on their way, and the kiss of betrayal is moments away. Jesus expects the disciples to wait with him. They are tired from the wine at dinner and they nap—until the cops show up.  

Anyway, this is probably why we fall into this “dualism” between body and Spirit. When, in fact, it’s all connected. Like, it’s not either/or, but both/and. Always in all ways.

Don’t ever forget that Jesus is fully human and fully God. It’s both/and. Not either/or.

And like it or not, I’ve been paying a lot closer attention to my body these past few days. Really been paying attention for obvious reasons. And so, Richard Rohr has been ringing my bell.

He’s been focusing on the body and I can’t tell you enough how much it’s worth it for you to dig into it. Follow this link and just track backwards for the last couple weeks and you’ll see what I mean.

All this to get to Spring Break.

I hope you can tune into your body, too. Not just your heart and soul. Not just your Spirit. Tune into the flesh.

I hope and pray that you are in a space where you are both Spiritually and physically at peace. That you’re in your happy place. I hope that you feel it in your heart and soul, of course. And I hope you feel it in your bones.
Always, in all ways.

Maybe this isn’t just another Spring Break.

Maybe this is the one that gets into the marrow.

Grace & Peace,



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