Big Shoes

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Hey listen! If you haven’t taken a morning stroll up the hill in the cemetery in a while, grab a coffee and do it. The new columbarium is incredible! Thank you Bob Garman (and others), again, for putting your fingerprints all over this place. Is there anywhere in this church you haven’t been?

I was riding my bike around town a couple weeks ago and found myself climbing the hill in the cemetery. Now, that’s a good mountain bike workout in itself! But, I enjoyed the columbarium and saw some familiar names on the markers all around it. Very close by, you can’t help but notice the “table” marker for The Rev. Azariah Horton, his wife Eunice, and their daughter Mary.

Rev. Horton was the first installed pastor of what the original deed calls “The Meeting House at South Hanover.” The first pastor of our church, whoa!
Rev. Horton served for 25 years and died in 1777.

Almost 240 years ago.

Forgive me while I catch up and marvel at what you already know.

The history.


Big shoes to fill.

Name after name in row after row in that cemetery built and rebuilt these foundations for you and for me. I love that painting in the narthex of all the buildings. I love having church this summer in Webb. I love choosing paint colors for the “new” sanctuary. Reminders of the trust placed in us.

God has brought us together in this time and place to pay it forward to the next generations, too. It’s on us. You and me. It’s on us to build this footprint of changed lives with intentional relationships in Jesus Christ. That’s what we do.

I get up every morning thanking God that it’s up to us.
You and me.
We’ve got this!
Big shoes to fill.
Ya think?

Grace & Peace,


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