Boiling the Ocean

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Somebody planted this one in my head in the past couple days and I just said it as I sat down to write.

It’s so appropriate. We try to do it all the time. We try to do too much. Everything all at once sometimes!

Pick your favorite idiom -

  • Drinking from a firehose (one of my favorites)
  • Digging graves with a spoon
  • Counting stars

God can boil the ocean, but that’s about it.
Nobody else can do that. It makes me think of that scene in Bruce Almighty when all those post-it notes come flying in. All those prayers.

Boiling the ocean.

It’s overwhelming when you think about it. So don’t! Don’t think about it.
That’s probably the biggest part of the problem - we do think about it.

We spend too much time thinking about it, whatever it is. This project or that one. Strategizing and plotting and planning. We lose sleep over it.

When I’m boiling the ocean, and God knows I try! I forget to stop and pull out the measuring cup. I forget that all we can do is what we can do.

We can boil the ocean - a cup at a time. And the rest is up to God.

And a cup at a time is good enough.

Most of the time I forget that - and I really mean most of the time - because I get caught up in keeping all the plates spinning, too. All the balls in the air. Herding cats. Mixing my metaphors. Whatever.

Don’t think about it.
Pray about it.
Pray about it now, a cup at a time. And I will, too.

Maybe this helps today. In this moment. Just sayin’…

I think the water’s getting warmer.
I can feel it.

Grace & Peace,


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