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So, we’re driving home from a week at the beach on Saturday, August 12, when our Zen bliss is shattered by the unfolding news from Charlottesville. We’re driving along listening to our iPod music and the phones start blowing up all at once! OMG!

It is horrifying, heinous, and unbelievable all at the same time. Floods of emotion keep coming in the ensuing days. Jaw-dropping, woefully inadequate response from the president, then a too-late back-peddle followed by the twilight-zone press conference. Shameful. Unacceptable. Indefensible.

This is not who we are, clearly. It’s on us to speak for our sisters and brothers and for ourselves on Racism, Fascism, Nazism, White Supremacy and Privilege—on everything, always. This is bigger than the news cycle.

This is on us and we cannot be silent!
Patrick preached out about it Sunday, listen here.
And as inadequate as it probably is, I offered this prayer.

Please join me.

Holy, Gracious and Amazing God,

This is a moment.
This is a moment in our country where we need the Gospel, now, more than ever.

Hate lives in the hearts of some of our people.
Hate is in the news.
Hate is on the street.
And hate is deadly.

Holy Jesus, you tell us to pray for those who persecute us and you tell us to love our enemies, but right now, in this moment, that prayer is not so easy.

Take our hands.
Take our hearts.
Give us voice.
And intercede for us.

The prophet Micah calls us to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with you.
We know what that looks like, God, and it’s scary!
It’s risky.
It means standing with you.

Heather Heyer lost her life in Charlottesville.
All those protesters stepped up.
And some of them paid the price to stand for justice.

Sometimes justice means facing down and shouting down torch-bearing, machine-gun-carrying mobs of hate-mongers.
Real-life hate groups!

But most often, when we need the Gospel—we need the courage to spread it and to stand for justice, love, and Jesus in much quieter moments.

Teachable moments to speak and stand against racism, bigotry, hate, and vitriol come on social media, in the work place, in our everyday lives and at our dinner tables with our closest and dearest family and friends. With our children.

We cannot be silent.
Silences like cancer grow.

Most of us come from white privilege, born into lives like we hit the lottery.
We don’t know what racism feels like.
We don’t know what it is to be hated for our skin, to be hated for our religion, to be persecuted.

But all of our lives, we have heard stories of the Christians, the patriots, our parents and grandparents, and Jesus who paid the price for all of us.

Holy Spirit, empower us.
We know what to do and now we gotta do it.
Now it’s on us.

This is a moment.
And, we cannot be silent.
O Lord, hear this prayer…


Have courage, friends.
Speak out.

Grace and peace,


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