Christmas Tree

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Just like most of you, one of the things I love most about Madison is the Christmas tree by the clock on Waverly. It’s like our town center, isn’t it? A centering place. Even Mayor Bob sometimes camps out on the benches there to just talk to the Madisonians who drop by!

This is our version of Stars Hollow, Mayberry, Pawnee, or Castle Rock. Pick your favorite TV town. Madison is just as idyllic. More.

We live in a snow globe!

And I love the Christmas tree the most.

Back in the 90’s, I used to walk through Rockefeller Center every day on the way to work. Most years I’d catch them trimming and putting up what I think of as “The Tree.” Forget about the White House. To me, it’s not Christmas until they light the tree in Rockefeller Center.

When they’re trimming that tree, there’s a ton of debris and I would pick up a big branch and haul it into work. Then, I’d sit in my office and cut it into little pieces and mail it out to my friends all over the country. Just so they’d get a little piece of the tree. A little Christmas cheer…

I missed my chance this year in Madison. The tree went up, the lights, the whole deal while I was too busy with my stuff. Just wasn’t paying attention.

Back home, Becky does most of the work decorating the house. I help put up the tree (artificial) and help her hang the beads that look like cranberries. Otherwise, she does everything else.

This morning I’m sitting in my favorite chair with just the tree on. Nativity set on the coffee table picking up the light. It was a pristine moment.

It’s not just the tree, it’s the whole glow.

Same thing for that corner at Waverly and Main. It’s not just the tree. Merry Christmas, Madison, New Jersey!

It’s the whole glow.

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