Confirmation Class of 2017

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This week we wrapped up the Confirmation Class of 2017. There’s a grand total of 17 students being confirmed this year in our church. That’s not a typo.

       Pretty amazing, eh?

We’ve spent the school year most Sundays after church engaging all kinds of issues like:

  • Who wrote the Bible, God or Humans?
  • Is God male?
  • Am I really supposed to believe Mary was a virgin?
  • Can I be a Christian without going to church?
  • Why should I pray when God doesn’t answer all my prayers?
  • Did Jesus know he was God?

        I know, right?
        This is the stuff that’ll make your brain hurt!

From the class, each student had to construct a Statement of Faith answering this question—Based on what my heart tells me and what we have learned and talked about in confirmation class, What are my personal belief and faith understandings of: 1) God, 2) Jesus, and 3) the Holy Spirit? 

You will be amazed at their responses! We’re going to collect them and consolidate them all into an Affirmation of Faith credited to the Confirmation Class of 2017 that we will use in church for many Sundays to come. Compiling them all is enough to make my brain hurt!

        I’m loving it!

Confirmation Sunday is May 21. Most of the class will be recognized that day, but some have schedule conflicts so we will recognize the rest on Youth Sunday, June 11.

Come support our students. You will be blown away by how bright they are! This is nothing short of brilliant and I can’t wait for you to see.

      Grace and Peace,




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