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If you’ve been able to make church this summer, you know we’ve been exploring the Book of Confessions in our affirmations of faith. When we talked about doing this in our Worship Team meeting back June, Janet Foster suggested tapping Dr. Charles Courtney for his expertise in fleshing them out. Charles has written some wonderful pieces for the Worship Notes section of the worship bulletin ever week.

Anyway, I have been digging back through my files for past work on editing the confessions down to edible chunks for worship. To a geek like me, the whole project has been fun and working with Charles an incredible bonus! But, the highlight cropped up today.

I stumbled on an affirmation of faith written five years ago by a confirmation class from the church in Oklahoma:

God is everywhere and everlasting,
the creator of everything and the human race.
God guides me and gets me through life.
God is the one who will always love me no matter what.
God loves and forgives everyone.
Jesus is the son of God who came to teach us the way,
a path on this world.
He came to show us love and died for me.
When no one thought he was real,
Jesus came back and made people believe more.
The Holy Spirit is around us constantly and
guides us through right and wrong,
through the best and worst of times,
and through everlasting change.
God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit love the human race no matter what.

Kids get it. Confirmation classes begin at the Presbyterian Church of Madison Sunday, October 16. Details coming.

I can’t wait to see what God does with our youth.

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