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I’ve told my share of dad jokes over the years. Just ask the kids! You’ve even heard at least a couple in sermons. I’m sorry!

I still get dad jokes from my dad!
And I love them, still.

Back in the day, when somebody asked my dad, “How ya doin?” Dad would always say, “Pretty good for a man my age.”

It was guaranteed to get an eye-roll out of me. Every time!
Trouble is, now I get it.
I do!

So this week, he sends this one:

Three boys are in the schoolyard bragging about their fathers.

The first boy says, 'My Dad scribbles a few words on a piece of paper, he calls it a poem, they give him $50.'

The second boy says, 'That's nothing. My Dad scribbles a few words on a piece of paper, he calls it a song, they give him $100.'

The third boy says, 'I got you both beat. My Dad scribbles a few words on a piece of paper, he calls it a sermon, and it takes eight people to collect all the money!'

I’m sure Dad shared that one because every church and non-profit are in the middle of stewardship time. Us too! We pray there’s truth in that!

I love that my dad still sends me dad jokes! Let the inbox chime and chime again!
I’m grateful.

I’m grateful for it on every level. And so many other things—you don’t have time to read my list. But I suspect you’ve got your list, too. And I hope and pray that your dad and your mom and your whole family are on it.

Let’s thank God for everything this week. Try to remember to stop in your tracks if you can, and pick one thing off your list. Thank God. And do it again. And again. And again.

A couple weeks ago, I grabbed something off the Richard Rohr devotional. This:
Religion, from the root “religio,” means to reconnect, to bind back together…In a very real sense, the word “God” is just a synonym for everything. So if you do not want to get involved with everything, stay away from God.

So, thanking God means if you really want to get involved with it, we’re talking everything.

There’s my inbox again. Maybe it’s Dad…

Grace & Peace,


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