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What is it about Labor Day Weekend?

Hurricane Dorian has already bowled over the Bahamas as a Category 5 storm. It stalled over Grand Bahama this morning and as I write this at the end of the day Tuesday it appears to be weakening.  I’m sure you’ve seen the spaghetti projections and cone maps.

It could still pick up steam as it tracks up the coastline offshore and do some major damage, but it doesn’t look like a direct hit at this time.

I do wonder what it is about Labor Day Weekend—just remembering Katrina, and Irma a couple years ago. Realizing it’s the season, but still. Wow!

The best thing we can do besides pray is give money to the relief efforts and get resources to the effected areas. Having lived in Oklahoma after tornadoes and wildfires, sending “stuff” isn’t all that helpful. What they need in the devastation is money to supply first response agencies with resources that meet the exact needs on site.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance does a great job. Red Cross, too. Those two agencies for sure get it done again and again. I’ve worked with both of them on site, and they work miracles.

So, as you’re starting the kids back to school this week, getting back to work, and thinking about the Labor Day reset, consider what you might do to help. Bless you and thank you! I did mine through PDA.

Here are the links:

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Red Cross

Thank you!

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