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     Jim Burnet cracks me up.
     He knows me.
     He knows that I love Jesus, but I swear a little every now and then.

     Most of you know that Jim’s the CFO of the Borough, and he called me on my cell in the church office this morning (Wednesday). I smile seeing his name on my cell caller ID and I pick up with, “Hey man, let me turn down my rock & roll.”

     The first thing out of his mouth is, “You’re on speaker in a room full of people over here at the Borough Hall.”

     Thanks for the heads-up, Jim. Music down, filters on. His tone has an urgency so he isn’t calling just to chat and it isn’t good news.

     The Madison Community Center—host to the Thursday Morning Club (TMC) and all the other community programs they provide—has caught fire. No one is hurt, but the fire causes some damage to the upper floor from the flames and smoke and possibly further damage to the building from the water. The fire started, they now think, from a phone charger that overheated on the bed in one of the upstairs apartments.

     Anyway, Jim is calling to ask if PCM can provide space in the event the TMC needs to relocate some services and meetings while they repair the damages. Of course, Fellowship Hall is my first thought. There’s a lot of space and it’s empty Monday through Friday. So, we’ll see what they need.

     Mayor Conley is the next call to come in. Asking the same question, he suggests that he might call the Interfaith Ministerial Alliance for similar help depending on the magnitude of the damage and so forth and I agree. Great idea—TMC may need more than just a big meeting space. Anyway, how cool is that?

     That’s the community we have.

     I walk over to the Community Center to offer support to Janet Allocco and the others who are still milling around outside with the fire department. She is pretty collected considering how disorienting a fire can be. But she’s got the backup she needs from our town and everything is gonna be all right in the end.  

    As I’m on my way back to the church I say some prayers thanking God for no one hurt, no extensive damage, and for all the people that rally here. We’re blessed. That’s all I can pray. We’re blessed.

    #BelovedCommunity—an all-inclusive spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood.

     That’s Madison.
     We rally.
     We live it.

     Grace & Peace,



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