First Day Of Summer

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Summer Soltice. 12:24am EST.
The longest day.
Sunrise: 5:26am here in Madison, New Jersey.
Sunset: 8:32pm.
I’m gonna enjoy every minute of it!

I don’t set an alarm anymore. I haven’t in years except on the very rare occasion that I need to be somewhere early. I go to sleep when I’m tired and I wake up when I’m done. But I’m a morning person, usually up early because I’m falling asleep most nights before the 11pm news.

Today, I beat the sun up because the back door in our bedroom faces east and the light hits my side of the bed first. It is incredible! One of the things I enjoy about living on the East Coast is the early sunrises. This time of year, that early dark blue sky starts around 4:30 or so. But I wait until around 5:00 to move, and the Summer routine begins…

Nature stop.
Let Maggie out.
Put on the coffee (and I’m a coffee snob so that’s a whole story, too).
New York Times on iPad.

But, I’m skipping most of the news for now because today I grabbed the laptop and came back out here with my coffee. It’s too much work to get my chubby fingers to write on the iPad. Wednesday morning is eNews and Blog day for me at the church and I’ve got to get it knocked out early. We’ve got big plans today!

Dorney Park.
We’re taking the Confirmation Class to Dorney Park today to celebrate and we couldn’t have picked a better day! It’s the First Day of Summer! And we’re gonna enjoy every minute of it.

Never been to Dorney Park.

Back in the day we took the kids to 6 Flags, Sesame Place, etc. but we never made Dorney Park. I love roller coasters! I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

I was out and around town yesterday afternoon for 17 miles on my bike. Loantaka Trail was busy and there was a lot of traffic on the Traction Line Trail, too. Downtown was full of people. After the ride, I even saw Gus Bowen out on his bike as I was running some errands.

Seemed like everyone was taking in the day!

I’m sure today will be no different so I hope that your business gives you some time to take it in, too. Even if it doesn’t, make time. Get outside today and take it in.

This is the longest day the Lord has made.
Let’s rejoice and be glad in it!

Now, I need another cup.

Grace and Peace,





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