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     Today is about half-time in Lent.

      These are the 40 days (not including Sundays) leading up to the Resurrection of the Lord on Easter Sunday. We are supposed to be spending our time in reflection, giving our stuff and money away, caring for others, praying, and most famously: fasting—giving something up for Lent, right?

      Or do we?
      Did we?
      I’m just checkin’ in.

      How’s that going?

       I was reaching for a cup of coffee right after church on the first Sunday in Lent when one of the kids told me she was giving up candy. And then came the moment. She asked me what I was giving up.

       I felt busted because I hated to admit it to her. "I'm trying not to be such a jerk. Sometimes I’m kind of a jerk to people: short, abrupt, impatient, weary. I get busy and I’m not very nice." Not very "pastoral.”

      It’s hard to admit.
      The truth hurts.

      So—I’m really trying, though not sure how much success I’m having.

       It’s like that old meme, “Thank you God for making me a better person today, though I did just get up.” Wink, wink. Give it time Scott, it’s gonna be a long day.

       Are you feeling me?

       So, let’s double-down here at the half and get back to it.
       Both of us. You and me.

       It’s about starting fresh every day.
       It’s about the journey.
       It’s about doing the best we can.
       It’s about showing up.
       It’s about staying in the game.
       One day at a time.

       One day?
       How about one moment at a time?
       That’s more like it…

        I’m trying.
        You’re trying.
        God help me.
        God help us.
        God help us all.

        Grace and Peace,





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