Halloween on Green

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Just look at that picture.
My heart exploded when I came into work this morning!

At 4pm today, all that stuff will be out on the church lawn for our littles (and all the littles in town) to “trunk or treat” at Presbyterian Church of Madison.

Community Renewed.

And, Halloween on Green isn’t just on Green.

Last night, my heart exploded following Scott Spelker, Jim Burnet, and at least 50 other people up the hill in the dark at Hillside Cemetery. Too dark to count, but it was families and kids of all ages and it was way beyond excellent!

Families Strengthened.

On Monday, Fellowship Hall re-opened to the Scouts, the AA groups, The Four-Footed Friends Seeing-Eye fostering program, and all the other community groups who come in and out of here. The kitchen project is complete and ready for inspections. We may be ready to use it by Thanksgiving. Certainly, in time for Christmas.

Tomorrow we will send out an email announcement to introduce our new Director of Musical Arts.

Here’s the latest from our Mission Co-workers in Peru, Jenny and Jed Koball.

The “intentional relationship with Jesus Christ” PCM footprint grows.

My heart is exploding.

Following Jesus is hard work. And what that looks like is different for each one of us. Growing into the Spirit of God takes all forms, and we don’t always get to walk in the light.

We don’t feel it every day. We can’t. That’s just impossible.

We don’t go to the mountaintop every day. Most of the journey—in fact, almost all of the journey is in the valley. Down here in the dark, really.

It’s in the everyday stuff we do to follow Jesus, whatever that looks like.

Right now, in this moment, down here in the dark—my heart is exploding.

I hope and pray yours is, too!

Grace & Peace,




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