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Back during the election cycle, Facebook was a miserable place to be. Exhausting. It was all just too much. Misinformation, real-life fake news, and not the kind the president accuses the media of. This was real propaganda made-up stuff. And because of it, there was too much hate floating around. Families divided, angry, resentful, and mean to each other.

I think about dumping all my social media all the time. In fact, now that you know—don’t be surprised if I just disappear one day. My blood pressure would appreciate it, for sure!

But, I probably have to keep it in order to update the church’s Facebook. I like that PCM has one because it’s a great place to post pictures and videos from the life of the church, share sermons, this blog, etc. etc. It’s a great way for us to stay in touch.

But Facebook is finally chilling out—even with all the whiplash in Washington.

One thing I would really miss about Facebook is the pictures of all my friends and their families, especially from their vacations. I think I’ve been pretty much all over the world with them so far, this Summer. It’s awesome!

People are posting from their happy places.

We’re leaving for the beach this weekend.
It’s my happy place.
One of the places where I feel close to God.
And the kids are joining us, dogs and everything!
We’re getting the band back together.

The Blog comes back after I get back.
Until then, I hope you’ve been or are going to your happy place soon.

If we’re friends on Facebook, we’ll post pictures. And, I hope you will, too. If we’re not connected on Facebook, reach out. Maybe I should make a bad dad joke and say, “beach out.” 

Happy place, here we come!
I hope and pray that you're there, too.

Grace and Peace, 




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