It Bears Repeating

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Every week when I sit down to write the blog it’s almost always on Wednesday morning. We have Mid-week Communion in the parlor starting at 7:10am every Wednesday—come join us! It’s a great mid-week touchstone, a literal “centering” in the week, and you’ll be in and out of the church and on your way in time to catch the 7:32 if you’re a train person.

After communion, I usually retreat to my desk to write this blog. We are being shaped by the Spirit and what God is doing with us always in all ways—all of us. And because this is my work, I am acutely aware it. I am always praying for direction—asking God “what are you doing?”

What is God doing in me? In our church? In Madison? In our country? In the world?

You can do this, too.
Deliberately, intentionally, and methodically.
Chase after God!

99.9% of the time I do this every morning.
I have a routine—and I’ve shared this before many times.
It bears repeating.

I get up early every day and the first thing I do is sit with God and my coffee.
Every day. Before anything else.

I read The Bible following the Daily Lectionary.

I read Richard Rohr.

I read Oswald Chambers.

I pray the Divine Hours with Phyllis Tickle.

I recently have returned to using A Year with Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

I pray for you. Our church. Our congregation.

And, I read J. Philip Newell.

The Wednesday morning prayer in Philip Newell is so amazing—it bears repeating. Every week on Wednesdays, but really? Every day.

All things come from you, O God,
and to you we return.
All things emerge in your great river of life
and into you we vanish again.
At the beginning of this day
we wake
not as separate streams
but as countless currents in a single flow
the flow of this day’s dawning
the flow of this day’s delight
the flow of this day’s sorrows
your flow, O God,
in the twistings and turnings of this new day.*

You’re in the flow.
I’m in the flow.
Our world is in the flow.
All of us.

God is always at work with us—always in all ways, as countless currents in a single flow. No matter what.

Come Holy Spirit, come.
Even so, come Lord Jesus!

Read it again.
Again, and again.
It bears repeating.

Grace & Peace,

*Praying With the Earth: A Prayerbook for Peace by J. Philip Newell


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