Loopy, Drowsy, Whoa!

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So, a couple weeks ago my doc says I need rotator cuff surgery to correct a 2-year-old injury and if I want to get it done before we get busy with Thanksgiving, Christmas time and Advent, he has one opening on Monday, October 9.

That gave me exactly 10 days. Crunch time! 10 days to see my regular doctor for the clearance, blood work, and EKG. 10 days to adjust the whole calendar so it works.

Please, I’m not whining about it because I need it and I know you’ve probably had some kind of similar experience. An event gets dumped in your lap and the whole house of cards gets adjusted, but it doesn’t fall over. You just deal. And you pray there’s no gust of wind!

So far, so good. It’s painful and the recovery’s a bit of a slog, but the meds are good—and helpful. Sleep has been really weird. Not much of it, to be honest. And weird dreams!

I’m in the narcotic phase of the pain management, so I can’t drive. And I’m praying this all makes sense to you. If it doesn’t, at least you know why. Every now and then, I’m loopy, drowsy, my head drops, whoa!

God must think I’m a real nut job this week because I don’t know how many times I’ve been in a little prayer and just buzzed off in a whole different direction. Or dropped off to sleep, or whatever. I probably have a little ADD anyway, oh look! A squirrel. Wait, that’s Maggie...

Every now and then there’s something in the corner of my eye that turns out to be a floater, or whatever. Like, there’s nothing really there. I’m just trippin’, I guess. I have to admit it’s as funny as it is unsettling. Whoa!

And thank God for technology. Remember when you were a kid and home sick from school? Daytime TV sucked so bad! At least now I can binge watch something because I sure can’t read anything. I’ve tried, but it’s too hard to stay focused.

Thank God too—I have my own personal nurse. Becky’s the best and I’m probably not a very good patient. In fact, I’m probably a bit of a baby if you get her to be honest about it.

Holy God, let the healing begin—no trippin’. Forgive my typos. Whoa!


Grace & peace,



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