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I’ve shared this before.

J. Philip Newell is amazing. A specialist in Celtic spirituality, poet, peacemaker, minister and scholar, or so says his Wikipedia page. And I read him every day. He’s a part of my routine.

Well, I write this blog on Wednesdays to coincide with the eNews that goes out to you every week. And too, on Wednesdays I use his book Praying with the Earth: A Prayebook for Peace. I love it!

Philip Newell’s Wednesday morning prayer goes like this:

All things come from you, O God,
and to you we return.
All things emerge in your great river of life
and into you we vanish again.
At the beginning of this day
we wake
not as separate streams
but as countless currents in a single flow
the flow of this day’s dawning
the flow of this day’s delight
the flow of this day’s sorrows
your flow, O God,
in the twistings and turnings of this new day.

This prayer touches my soul every week.

Often, no exaggeration, I see this. And you do, too. I see it in Madison.

The streets of Madison teeming with countless currents feeding a single flow of humanness and community. Countless currents in a single flow. The flow of the day’s dawning, the flow of the day’s delight, the flow of the day’s sorrows, too.

God’s flow.

In the twistings and turning of a new day.

I sat at lunch on the sidewalk at 54 Main Saturday with the teeming flow surrounding me, flowing past me, and even picking up my current too!

It was the day of the Halloween parade. Twisting and turning. Teeming with little Belles, Spider-Men, Dinosaurs, Princesses, Harry Potters. Even slobbery chocolate circles surrounding little mouths from the candy! It was so joyful!

And so here’s another day. Today. Teeming with Psalm 118:24—

This is the day that the Lord has made;
    let us rejoice and be glad in it.

My prayer is that your Spirit and my Spirit fall into the flow—God’s flow.

“In the twistings and turnings of this new day.”

Grace and Peace,


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