Mountain Top 270

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270 years of mountain tops! Blows me away every time I think about it. That’s what we celebrate this year.

1747: The Presbyterian Church of South Hanover is organized in Bottle Hill (later to be known as Presbyterian Church of Bottle Hill—Presbyterian Church of Madison.)

We are first organized as a shoot from the tree of the church in Whippany--Hanover. It starts with a gift. We get a one-acre parcel of land which we still own at the top of the hill in the cemetery, build a meeting house, and away we go!

270 years of mountain tops.

270 Holy Weeks.

270 Easters.

Break out the deviled eggs—that’s a lot of Easter Egg Hunts!

On Easter Sunday, April 16, my buddy Oswald Chambers has a great reflection about mountain tops. As we climb that mountain into Holy Week, coming up from the valley, we see a lot from that mountain top. We learn a lot. And it feels great!

Just don’t forget that we will—every time—we will be coming back down.

We all have moments when we feel better than ever before, and we say, “I feel fit for anything; if only I could always be like this!” We are not meant to be. Those moments are moments of insight which we have to live up to even when we do not feel like it. Many of us are no good for the everyday world when we are not on the mountaintop. Yet we must bring our everyday life up to the standard revealed to us on the mountaintop when we were there.

Never allow a feeling that was awakened in you on the mountaintop to evaporate. Don’t place yourself on the shelf by thinking, “How great to be in such a wonderful state of mind!” Act immediately— do something, even if your only reason to act is that you would rather not. If, during a prayer meeting, God shows you something to do, don’t say, “I’ll do it”— just do it! Pick yourself up by the back of the neck and shake off your fleshly laziness. Laziness can always be seen in our cravings for a mountaintop experience; all we talk about is our planning for our time on the mountain. We must learn to live in the ordinary “gray” day according to what we saw on the mountain.

Don’t give up because you have been blocked and confused once— go after it again. Burn your bridges behind you, and stand committed to God by an act of your own will. Never change your decisions, but be sure to make your decisions in the light of what you saw and learned on the mountain.

     Jesus, take my hand.
     I’m with you now, and I’m ready to climb.
     But there’s no way that I can come back down here without you.

     Grace & Peace,


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