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A couple years ago, we tried to start a meditation group at the local place, Jolie. We met with Julia at Jolie every week for several months, but we probably chose a time that wasn’t convenient for most people because it never caught on. Nevertheless, it was awesome!

Yeah, it was awesome—except for one thing.

Almost every time I would get so relaxed and so into it that I would fall asleep. I’m sure you’re all like, “so what’s wrong with that?” Well, nothing except—

I snore.
And it’s loud!

So maybe that’s why it never caught on. Maybe word got around that Scott snores in meditation. I’m sure it blew everybody’s whole vibe, even Julia.

Well, Jolie has moved out of their space next to Drip and now it’s a Broadway Dance Studio. That’s not for me, for sure. But I still want some extra-curricular spiritual practice apart from my usual routine.

So maybe you’ve sniffed this out, but fast-forward—Val Schuszler turns me on to yoga. And even though I was really sore after the first time, I’m learning and I’m totally into it. And I never fall asleep!

Christianity does a terrible job of connecting body and spirit. We do a great job of mind and spirit. Of heart and spirit. Come to think of it—Jesus Christ teaches us a lot about connecting with each other—loving God and our neighbors as much as we love ourselves by living into the kingdom of God and what “thy kingdom come” means.

But Jesus doesn’t teach yoga.

Yoga does a great job of connecting body and spirit. And what I like most about the spiritual practice of yoga—from my card-carrying-Jesus-follower-Christian point of view—is this universal connectedness with each other in mind-body-Spirit. It’s a presence, a state, a centering, of all things connected to the universe, present.

The centering greeting is Hindu “Namaste” which means “I bow to the divine in you.”

If we Christians can substitute this connectedness to each other, to mind-body-Spirit with our understanding of the presence of the Holy Spirit or Jesus Christ as “Emmanuel” or God among us in each other—


It gives us a whole new look at our faith tradition. It’s another way of getting out of ourselves and coming back at it from another angle. It’s a way of connecting with each other in the Spirit.

To Christians Namaste might be, “I bow to the Christ in you—to the Spirit in you.”
This is the very thing we seek—intentional relationship with Jesus Christ. The risen Christ in you. The risen Christ in me. Whoa! Amazing.



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