Next Steps

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Wow! Lots of processing going on right now!

Our session has met twice to hear and process the current state assessment gleaned from the recent congregational survey.

We hear you. And you will hear from session! They are at this very moment processing a response and communication with you about what they have heard as well as some actions to take toward next steps. Just remember that there are 10 session members so it will take a little time to do the work. It’s coming.

In the meantime, I’m beginning to process my role and next steps. You may know that I’m enrolled in a Doctor of Ministry program at Drew University. The key and most attractive thing about this DMin track is that it is totally catered to us, you and me, to this ministry context—Presbyterian Church of Madison. It’s going to be spot-on helpful!

I’ve already had two consults with one of my mentors in the program regarding our survey and assessment. I’m very excited about my takeaways from those consults. My mentor team is very committed to helping me identify the right resources to equip my skill set for my call to leadership as pastor of PCM. This is a great growth opportunity for me!

You will most definitely feel the impact. While there is very good growth and a number of great things going on in our church, we hear that you want more focus on the transformational nature of our vision statement: To see lives transformed through intentional relationship with Jesus Christ.

Session is committed. I am committed. Your staff is committed. We pray that you are committed.  

We have a lot of work to do.

Come Holy Spirit, come! Even so, come Lord Jesus!

Grace & Peace,


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