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So much happening! So much excitement! So much to do!

This year’s Rally Day kicked off a new season of ministry for our church—revealing our new sanctuary, presenting Bibles to the youth. It was a great celebration of the Spirit and the electricity running through our church!

Surprise! In Monday’s mail came a wonderful package! Carolyn and Marilyn Behre, now of Stamford, Connecticut, have roots in New Providence, Summit, and Madison. They made a discovery going through some old family boxes—a copy of our church’s history from 1854.

We have a very ragged copy of this book in our archives, but not one that is in such great shape! It’s amazing—written by Rev. Samuel Tuttle. There’s a very yellow and brittle newspaper clipping tucked into the book of an old “want ad” (remember those?) by someone searching for a copy of history book Dr. Tuttle wrote about Madison and Bottle Hill. Evidently, he was an historian and prolific writer.

It occurs to me how cool it is to find a book that was probably written on the occasion of more than 100 years of history at that time! It’s especially amazing that here we are, coming up on 270 years. We stand on a lot of shoulders, don’t we?

I often wonder if they envisioned us.

Did they think about 2017?

I thought the same thing as I wrote the inscriptions in the Bibles for our youth. Each one of them had something like “This is our story…just for you” because the Bible really is our story. The first of our history books. And we keep writing the story even now.

I’m fairly certain that Jesus and the disciples had no thought of us. They would have had no sense of the movement. It was probably all they could do to keep from getting arrested by the Roman Empire. They wouldn’t have even called it “The Way” let alone “Christianity.” No way they could even conceive the good and bad of what it is today.

Even so, we keep writing chapters, don’t we? And here’s another:

Confirmation Class.

Parents of middle schoolers through freshmen: mark your calendars starting Sunday, October 16 at lunch time. Every class will start right after church and include lunch. We’ll go every Sunday except for school holiday weeks and a long break at Christmas/New Year’s. We’re looking at Confirmation Sunday to fall sometime in May.

We’ve got a very cool program planned with videos and engaging hands-on activities. It’s called “Re:Form” and I’m pretty sure that PCM has used it before in some form or fashion. I have used it, too. I love it—good stuff.

Watch your Inbox for more information.

It’s another ripple on the pond, a new chapter, a new season for our story—

yours and mine. Making history.

What better place than here?

What better time than now?

Grace  & Peace,



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