Pardon Our Dust

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I’m sure you’ve seen signs in businesses over the years asking forgiveness for their remodeling, renovations, repairs. “Pardon the dust—just don’t write in it!” Stuff like that.

It’s been little crazy around here all Summer with the work in Fellowship Hall, and now the Sanctuary boiler. We had to do asbestos abatement in both locations just because of the age of the buildings. If you open up those old tile floors, the piping and the boilers too, it’s all full of asbestos because that was just part of the fixtures back in those days. The joys of an old building!

Just don’t write in the dust, please. We know it’s there.

By the time the Fellowship Hall kitchen is finished, we’ll have a kitchen outfitted and up to commercial code. We can actually feed people! Like, anybody off the street! That’s pretty exciting since I don’t think there’s any kind of a soup kitchen or anything operating in Madison (Morristown yes, but not right here in town). There’s a significant number in Madison that suffer from low food security. We can help, and I hope and pray we will.

Think about how that might work and let’s figure it out. Maybe it’s a brunch on Saturdays? Something.

When I was away on vacation, I didn’t do much but chill—it was perfect! But I never skipped my daily routine. My morning quiet time. My morning reading.

I read Philip Newell every day—his prayer book Praying with the Earth is one of my favorites. I know I quote him a lot so here we go again…Thursday morning’s prayer is all about renewal. Renovation. Remodeling. Daily renewal with life in Jesus Christ.

I love it so much because it’s a great reminder of forgiveness—permission to start again—new—every day. Every. Day.

We wake
to the forgiveness of a new day.
We wake
to the freedom to begin again.
We wake
to the mercy of the sun’s redeeming light.
Always new
always gift
always blessing.
We wake
to the forgiveness of this new day.

You and me both!

Just pardon the dust.

Grace and peace,

ps. Follow the Fellowship Hall Kitchen updates on the church’s Facebook, Instagram, or the latest chronology.


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