Quick Notes

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Three things of extreme import this week.

1) Daylight Saving (no “s”) Time ends. Set your clock back an hour when you go to bed. Fall back one hour on Saturday night. If you don’t, you will show up for church an hour early and it will be a 9:15 flash mob instead of a 10:15 flash mob.

2) Get Involved Expo at 5pm. Wine. Fellowship. What else do you need? Oh! We will do a little facilitated vision-casting for what our church looks and feels like outside of Sundays. We’re hoping to get a couple solid “next steps” figured out. Did I mention wine?

3) By the time I write my next blog, we will have elected a new president. Vote! You may need a lot of wine for that. A lot.

Don’t forget!

That clock thing is pretty important.

The expo is, too!

And voting is, three!

Did I mention wine?

It matters.

A lot.




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