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I’ve been enjoying the weather change these past few days. Jeans again instead of shorts. Throwing on a hoodie to go out. Sleep bottoms around the house instead of gym shorts. It’s Fall! Finally!

Alexa? What’s the weather today? I head out for work in shorts and a hoodie because she says it’s going to warm up later. And who cares, anyway? It’s a little chilly right now, but it’s a 5-minute car ride to the church from the house.

I’m coming in to the church early to get some things done. I unlock the door and breeze past Cathy’s desk. Breeze past is right—it’s still dark and the church office feels like a meat-locker! Wicked cold! Guess why?

Some idiot pastor we know left his office window open—all night!

So first things first, I close the window. Almost certain that I’m catching wisps of fog coming from my breath, I scramble around the office to get the radiators on. Cathy and Louise will be coming in later and I’m trying to get the place warmed up asap. Fortunately, the running around is pumping my heart and warming me up!

I text Cathy to warn her that she may need a sweater. It’s gonna warm up later, but right now, it’s warmer outside in the hallway of the Parish House than it is in the office. The thermostat reads “59,” and I think it may need to be set to “Heat” in order for the radiators to work. Of course, genius.

Soon, the radiator is putting something out, but it’s not just heat. You know the smell. The thing’s been off for months and it starts burning the dust off.

Back from the Rich Hall “Sniglets” days, this smell is known as the “Furnasties.” Everybody knows when the furnace or the radiator fires up for the first time, you get that smell. There’s no mistake what it is.

I’m the kind of geek that’s wired to look for God in everything and mostly, I do. So today my little God-wink comes through the Spirit of the smell and the warmth from the radiator.

God is here, always in all ways. And we can feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it, and even see it—always in all ways—if we’re just willing to “open the valve on the radiator.”

Whatever that means for you.

Grace & peace,


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