Random Thoughts On A Year

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    A year ago tomorrow, (December 1, 2016) I received an email from one Catherine Baillie, Church Administrator, on behalf of the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) of Presbyterian Church of Madison, New Jersey:

    Thank you for your PIF which we received as a CLC match.  We are currently in the process of reviewing the PIF's we have received and ask your patience as we work through this very busy time of year.  

    Best wishes for the Advent season and for Christmas.            

          Cathy Baillie for the
          Pastor Nominating Committee
          Presbyterian Church of Madison
          Madison, New Jersey

     My Personal Information Form (PIF) was matched with the Presbyterian Church of Madison’s Ministry Information Form (MIF) in the PC(USA)’s “Match.com” system called the Church Leadership Connection (CLC).

     I know that’s alphabet soup, but WOW! Just wow. Those letters can’t get you any points in Scrabble, but the Spirit sure made a play! Dropped a few tiles on the pathway for an Oklahoma City boy called to serve on the East Coast in our own little Stars Hollow. And, here we are. This is my so-called life. (mixing my TV references)

     The drowsy turkey tryptophan is finally wearing off today. As I’m driving to work this morning in the New Jersey rain—rained all day yesterday and today—I thank God for the Spirit of that living water. I’m driving by the front of the church and there’s our new sign with the logos and icons we’ve been using since long before I got here.

     When you see our website, letterhead, newspaper advertising the images pop so when you drive up to the building now—what you see is what you get. And it’s just one more example of how it all lines up.

     Today, we launched a weekly eNewsletter that may have led you to this blog. If not, sign up at our website, http://www.pcmadison.org/connect/enewsletter

     Maybe you got here from Facebook.

     I don’t know, but the hits just keep on coming!

     I do know this: a year ago something got my attention and sent a very clear signal. A very clear call. The train stopped for me and I got on without looking back.  

     It's a great ride! And December starts tomorrow. It’s Christmas time! Advent, the season of Emmanuel—Hebrew for “God with us.” Yes! Yes, it is. Yes, indeed.

     Come Lord Jesus, come.

     We’re ready.

     Grace and Peace,



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