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So, this is all the buzz, isn’t it? A genuine Rodin sculpture “hiding in plain sight” right here in Madison? Right here in our Borough Hall!

Right here in River City!

My first thought when I saw the thing in the Madison Eagle or Tap into Madison, wherever I saw it first, was “this isn’t ‘news…’” Jim Burnet gave me a pretty extensive tour of the Borough Hall last year in the Summer. I distinctly remember him telling me some of the legends of the Hartley Dodge Memorial and how it became the Borough Hall. The Rodin was part of the story, and I’ve actually touched it!

I guess what makes the whole thing “news” is that it has now been authenticated. A local art student connects with another expert from the Rodin museum in France—tracing this “lost” piece back to the USA, to Mrs. Dodge’s collection somehow. Boom, boom, boom, and now it’s headlines all over the world including the New York Times over the weekend.

I hope there was adventure. I hope it worked out like a cool mystery in a Dan Brown novel, or something. Now all we need is for the piece to develop stigmata or bleed Napoleon’s blood type, and suddenly it’s a Stephen King short story. But I digress…

All I know is that it drew some serious crowds here on Sunday after church! The whole plaza in front of the church was buzzing with people as worship was letting out on Sunday morning. I’m standing out on the steps of the sanctuary talking to a visitor to our church and watching the crowds come and go. It’s a big deal!

Authenticity. Aren’t we all searching for it? Yearning for that honest connection?

I think it’s partly why we come to church to worship God together, corporately. It’s something that may be elusive on its own. But, when we come together in worship, to praise God, to sing, to pray—there’s comfort in the spirituality of the collective. Catch yourself praying with one eye open—you see others praying too, and there’s connection. Authenticity.

Spiritual authenticity.

Watch for it next time you come to church—your spiritual authenticity. Pray with one eye open and see what happens. You may find it corporately, in the collective, like I do.

Authenticity, like the Rodin, may be hiding in plain sight.

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