Romans 8

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Time passes, people pass, and the only constant is change.

Eugene Peterson died this week at 85. Presbyterian pastor, seminary teacher, theologian, Bible translator, and pastor to pastors. He was incredible.

Eugene Peterson wrote The Message, a faithful plain-language translation of both the Hebrew text (Old Testament) and the Greek text (New Testament) of the Bible. The Message changed the world in so many ways—made an already amazing document accessible and understandable to a whole new generation of people.

Worth 20 minutes of your time if you can, here’s a cool video of Bono talking with Dr. Peterson.

One of my favorite seminary profs loved to say there’s no substitute for reading scripture—You’ll be surprised at how enlightening it can be.

Just try this one on for size!

Romans 8 from The Message.

Thanks Dr. Peterson, sometimes that’s all that needs to be said.

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