Snow Day!

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       Don’t you love it?
       Who doesn’t love a snow day?

       Even if you’ve got to do a few work things from home, I love just being home and cocooning for a day. A more relaxed pace. Whatever.

       In the run-up to the snow storm, I got a kick out of hearing people talk about the snow day. Prognosticating whether it’s gonna be one or two days and what we’re going to do with it. The kids of course, but especially the adults. I think everyone wanted to bake chocolate chip cookies and play Monopoly, make snow angels with the kids.

       It felt like we really needed the snow day.

       The text notifications started rolling in. Storm warnings. Local government offices closed. Dry cleaners not picking up. No garbage service. Essential employees only. School’s out. The lady in front of me at Gary’s said her wine map showed a forecast of 5-6 bottles. She was planning for a big storm. 

        It’s on!

       So, a great day to clean house (Laura K.), binge-watch TV (Blacklist: Redemption), catch up on a couple movies (Jackie, Fences), read (Deep and Wide for our book study), listen to music (Yes-Fragile), and watch it snow!


       Just watching it snow is so nice. We have a bay window in the living room and my reading chair is there. Morning coffee with the snow dumping on us is awesome! It was pouring! And some of the flakes were as big as the mini pancakes at the Morristown Pancake House. Incredible!

       Good time with the Spirit.

       The snow is more of a blessing than a hassle, to me. We need the precipitation of course, but we need the break more than anything. Slow down. Put this thing on pause!


       Times like these make me wonder why we don’t take more control more often and put it all on pause intentionally. Deliberately. Stop.

       I remember once doing some early morning grousing about the Sun not being up yet so I could go out on the deck to sit and read. I even sent a text to one of my mentors. He texted back “What’s the problem? What’s wrong with just sitting?”

            Time with the Spirit.
            Time with God.

            Siri? Alexa?
            Set an appointment with God—every day.
            Carve out a little snow day every day.

            It’s that easy, so…
            Why don’t we?

            Grace and Peace,


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