Stop the Bleeding

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Not all Trump voters are racists, bigots, misogynists, or xenophobes!
Not all Hillary voters are altruistic! 

Even if the election went the way you wanted it to, there is a post-election reality that we all must own. The wound in the United States has been torn open. It’s a big sore and it’s bigger than people realize. Way bigger.

Saturday Night Live nailed it this week. There was a sketch starring several of the white cast along with host Dave Chappelle and comedian Chris Rock. It’s about an election night watch party. Follow the link or go to YouTube. It’s so real. It’s right on the money.

It’s so real because the election results are no surprise to people of color. Not at all. Political correctness allowed our race issues and disparities to scab over, drove them below the surface. And the temperature of the campaign boiled the conversation about race and bigotry in our country to the top.

The election tore the Band-Aid off the wound and took the scab with it.
We are bleeding.
We are bleeding profusely and we cannot—
We will not sacrifice justice on the altar of unity.
We cannot afford to sacrifice justice on the altar of unity.
And we need to own it.

As Christians, Presbyterians especially, we tout the great ends of the church from our Book of Order (Pt. 2 of the Constitution of PC(USA)):

1) The proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of humankind;
2) The shelter, nurture, and spiritual fellowship of the children of God;
3) The maintenance of divine worship;
4) The preservation of the truth;
5) The promotion of social righteousness; and
6) The exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world.

It’s our job to stop the bleeding! That’s our job, and it just got a lot harder!

Amid the tension, amid the hard conversations to come, amid the chaos of our world—we need healing, friends. We need to be a part of the healing now more than ever.
It’s on us to boldly witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Reach out and stand up for all God’s children with no patience for hate speech or denial of human rights. “Liberty and justice for all” is not a rote pledge of allegiance. It is the very fabric of our country.

Speak truth to power.
Give voice to those in the margins.
It’s on you and me to hold everyone—our leaders—hold everyone accountable.

Rise up—stand up!
Stop the bleeding!

Grace and peace,


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