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All things come from you, O God,
and to you we return.
All things emerge in your great river of life
and into you we vanish again.
At the beginning of this day
we wake not as separate streams
but as countless currents in a single flow
the flow of this day’s dawning
the flow of this day’s delight
the flow of this day’s sorrows
your flow, O God,
in the twisting and turnings of this new day.

— J. Philip Newell*

One of my journal entries this week.
Just thought I’d share.
Copied it word for word in long hand.

I thank God every day for the countless currents in our flow—this stream we call the Presbyterian Church of Madison. Wow!

Grace & Peace,

A moment of peace in the midst of our crazy, jacked-up world.
*(from Praying with the Earth: A Prayerbook for Peace)


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