Summer, still.

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Becky walks through the house Tuesday night with the last little ice cream cone from the freezer and right out of Pavlov, I’ve gotta have one! So, Maggie and I jump into the car for a little trip to McCool’s.

Yes, I’m still working on low-carb/no-carb—but don’t judge! I’m sure you understand.

Just gotta have it…

As it turns out, this is not an original thought. McCool’s is packed! They are out the back door. It looks like everybody in Madison is here.

I quickly pivot back down the steps and to the car. “Maggie? Let’s go to the store…”

So, I get over to Stop & Shop, and there’s Patrick in the frozen section out on the same errand for Hannah Faye! We’re cracking up about it—especially because the whole freezer case where the pints usually are is empty! Not one. No Ben and Jerry’s. No Häagen-Dazs. Nada.

I settle for what used to be a half-gallon of Breyer’s Snickers (yum) and some more Blue Bunny caramel cones for Becky. Hurry! It’s dark, but still pretty hot outside and I wanna get home before too much melting.

It occurs to me on the way home that everybody is trying to pack in as much Summer as possible before it’s over. Of course! I get it.

You may be still on vacation as you read this. I hope you are! Or, at least trying to sneak out for just ONE MORE DAY! I hope you can. I pray that you can.

We even get a little bonus 3-day school holiday due to Rosh Hashanah falling on Monday—thanks to our spiritual forebears, sisters and brothers, of Judaism. We’ll take it and raise you one Good Friday in the Spring!

I changed my profile pic on Facebook this week with a comment like I can’t believe Summer’s almost in the rear view. Somebody quips about the negativity.

I’m sorry!
I am sorry, but I’m just trying to cram as much Summer in as possible.
And maybe you are, too.

Let’s do everything we can to put the brakes on it. Slow down. Breathe a little deeper, breathe a little slower, and let the Spirit in.

Play with the kids. Go to the park and swing. Ride your bike! Dig in the dirt. Run down the shore one more time. Cook out. Turn on some football, if you must, and chill.

But as far as I’m concerned—even though it’s Labor Day and school starts Tuesday—give me my Summer until after Rosh Hashanah. Then, it’s truly a new year!

Grace & Peace,


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