The Shortest Distance Between Two Points

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September 1.

Whew! Summer has come and gone, eh? Here it is, Labor Day weekend.

College football starts this weekend and the kids (Sara, Blake and Oliver, the granddog) are coming for a visit, Dad’s Hot Wings, and University of Oklahoma Sooner Football. No, I’m not that big of a Sooner fan. Most of you know that Becky and I met at Oklahoma State. However, both Becky and Blake graduated from OU and if you ask Becky, she’ll tell you she’s a bigger Sooner fan.

They have persuaded me. A little. Only a little!

This year, for the first time ever, I will wear Crimson and Cream on a college game day, but don’t get used to it. We call the OU/OSU Rivalry “Bedlam.” On Bedlam weekend, usually Thanksgiving weekend, I will be in Orange and Black.

And I’ve added a new color to my wardrobe thanks to you.

Dodger Maroon.

I’m looking forward to some games and seeing our kids play on the field both in band and competition, singing in concerts, plays, and so on. You’ll have to teach me some cheers so I don’t sound like a knucklehead. I’m still trying to blend.

Also, warn the kids not to be surprised if they see Becky substitute nursing in their schools. She’s on the call list and may end up behind the desk. However, she starts in the Pediatrics Clinic at St. Barnabas later this month.

Come to church Sunday for our last of the Summer in Webb. Come as you are. It’s a holiday! Shorts, your favorite beach tee-shirt, flip-flops even. Anything goes.

I love this little piece that turned up in my email box from the Times this week.

Here we go!

Once you’ve graduated from summer as school vacation and found yourself reporting to the working world’s clock and calendar you learn a lifelong lesson: The shortest distance between two points is not that old math class straight line but the microscopic space separating Memorial and Labor Day weekends.

--Kevin Bryant (NY Times reader)

Grace & Peace,


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