Time Change

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To me it’s always very bizarre to see it getting dark at 4:30. It was especially weird back in the days when I worked in Manhattan because if you do, you know the deal. The buildings throw so much shadow anyway, but when we come back to Standard Time it gets dark REALLY early in the city. It’s disorienting.

Another thing is the signal that it sends about the season. By now, the vast majority of the leaves are usually down, though not this year. Fall got started late! Yesterday (Tuesday) did feel like a typical Fall day on the East Coast. Rain, chilly, wet leaves. I love it!

I love the change of seasons. It feels like a reset, a shift, you know? In the same way when school starts—a reset, even the Halloween candy was gone by October 31st and the Christmas candy was coming out! Boom!

We’re trying to figure out how to juggle Thanksgiving and Christmas with the kids, plus a trip to Colorado for Dad’s 80th birthday. The same stuff you’re dealing with, too. Kids coming home from college, grandkids, cousins, in-laws, aunts and uncles. This sure is a sweet spot for most family situations. It’s a sweet time.

But not for everybody.

For a number of us, we’re rolling into the holidays and struggling every year with smiling through everybody else’s cheer all around us. But we’re not feeling it. We may never feel it. We may never have. The holidays are disorienting.

Maybe we suffer from depression and every day is a slog—just to get out of bed, if we can even do that. Some literally can’t even—it’s like trying to run underwater. Every move takes huge effort.

Or there’s a toxic personality in our family that always made the holidays a drag. Relationships that create struggle and pain. Struggles with addiction create bad chemistry. Even calling it a “drag” is probably dismissive of the reality. For some of us, it’s the worst kind of awful. It’s more than disorienting. It’s unbearable!

If you’re the kind of person that’s always happy, be happy! Be happy that you are and count your blessings. There are so many. God rains on us. God reigns in power for us. God = Love. It’s a constant and it’s always at work on us.

God = Love even if you’re not feeling it.

We’re making the turn into the holidays. It’s a strange and wonderful and anxious and scary part of the year. Let’s hold each other in prayers of comfort and peace, strength and empowerment. Be strong under God even in our weakness and despair.

God = Love and that love is really working on us.

Really working hard!

Of course it’s disorienting—the time’s changing and so are we.

Grace & peace,



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