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So, I’m sitting in the eye doctor’s office this morning waiting on my appointment and wondering if I need a new prescription. I haven’t really noticed any issues. But you know, aging. Anything can crop up.

My mind starts to wander around as I’m looking at the wall of frames, and watching the people come and go. And I start thinking about how often we check our spiritual lens. Do we even look through it?         

I use the metaphor of the lens a lot to talk about how we see the world.

Like, if we’re working toward centering ourselves in the Christian life, we look outward at the rest of the world through that lens. It drives our perspective and the things we see and react to. The light refracts a little bit differently, if you see what I mean.

For instance, I wonder all the time what lens our lawmakers and leaders are looking through. Sometimes it seems to me as though they’re not very focused on caring for human beings and instead focused on the spreadsheets and what’s good business. There’s a price to be paid for doing what’s good for business.

I could go off on healthcare, immigration, foreign policy, etc. But that’s not my point as much as I’d just like to feel as though they’re looking through a lens of compassion for what’s good for all people in the middle of the fiscal conversation. It really doesn’t matter if they use a faith lens, though mine is clearly a Christian one.

I hope yours is, too!

I think it helps us to really see our neighbors and the ways we can be better. If we’re following Jesus, it helps us to maybe see things like he does.  

Always, in all ways!
The light refracts a little bit differently when we start here.

When was the last time you did a check-up?
Just askin…

      Grace and Peace,



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