What? A Year Already?

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It’s hard to believe this week is my anniversary as pastor here. Since Sunday was Pentecost, the celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the church universal, it makes me sit back and look at the year.

      What has the Spirit done with us in a year? 
      A lot!

Right away, the RENEW Capital Campaign kicked in last Summer to entirely remodel the Sanctuary. We opened on Rally Day, September 11, and it is awesome! Our church has a new sense of energy to worship, the choir is growing, our music rocks and new people are visiting every week! Babies are making noise in church!

     It’s new life!

     Team Courage Day Camp had 20 kids in July.
     Scott-A-Palooza II was a huge success.
     We had the biggest and best Bottle Hill Day presence ever.
     The First Friday Film Festival kicked off its final season.
     The Confirmation Class started in October and this week at Youth Sunday, we will confirm the last four of our students. That’s a total of 17 kids confirmed this year!
     Adult Class: Reading the Bible Without Getting Bored.

Do you remember the Get-Involved Expo back in November? It was a family event to do some vision-casting and dreaming together about what we wanted to do with the church. Missions, activities, programming, worship, education opportunities, etc.

And we listened to each other.

Here are just a handful of the things that came after the Expo:

  • The Animate Spiritual Formation Small Group
  • We pulled together a great Family Christmas Caroling Event in December
  • The kids did a wonderful Christmas Pageant!
  • Community Worship on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Day
  • Traditional Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
  • Men’s Breakfast
  • St. Baldrick’s Childhood Cancer Event
  • March Madness/St. Patrick’s Day Family Event
  • Stamp Out Hunger 3.6
  • Numerous Beloved Community Conversations
  • Intergenerational Vintage Deacons Luncheon
  • Women’s Brunch
  • Xtreme Easter Egg Hunt
  • Presbyterian 101 Class
  • Patrick Allred starts as Director of Family Ministries
  • Madison May Day Family Project
  • Christian Meditation Group
  • True You Women’ Book Study Group

      Wow! That’s just a few of the things off my calendar!

One of the things that also came out of the Expo was your desire for a worship experience in addition to Sunday Morning. We’ll always do church at the traditional time on Sunday morning, but what would it look like if we added something like a family-focused worship on a different day and time?

Patrick, Michael, and I are kicking around some ideas. As we shift into Webb Chapel for the Summer, we’re going to experiment with some of those ideas. So keep coming to church this Summer—bring the kids, and let’s try some new things!

No Sunday School this Summer!

Come and see what happens!

            Grace and Peace,



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